Time to get ready for OKCon 2013!

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With less than a week to go until OKCon kicks off in Geneva, we wanted to give you a few last minute tips and reminders before you travel: Getting around in Switzerland: Check out these two sites: SBB for the Swiss railway and the TPG for local public transport. All hotels will provide you with… Read more »

Accommodation at OKCon – only 30 euros a night, going once…going twice…

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We have some great news for you all! Thanks to a little stretching of our [Accommodation Subsidies programme](https://okcon.org/accommodation-subsidies/) we can now offer limited beds for OKCon at just 30 euros per night. In a city like Geneva, this is truly a bargain price! If you haven’t yet booked your accommodation, or you were just looking… Read more »

Get ready for the OKCon workshops!

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Lovely attendees, it’s time to make plans for the workshops you want to attend at OKCon! Each workshop session now has detailed information about moderators and speakers, topics that will be covered, and practical information about capacity limits and where and when they will be taking place. There are three very easy steps to follow:… Read more »

Introducing the OKCon Startup Package

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Open Knowledge and Open Data create many kinds of value in many kinds of ways. One very powerful way to create and capture that value is through startup companies, which is why we at OKCon embrace the startup community and can now offer a unique opportunity to young companies in the open data space: the… Read more »

OKCon 2013 travel bursary programme launching today!

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* How to apply. Find the instructions and the submission form on the [OKCon 2013 Travel Bursaries webpage](https://okcon.org/travel-bursaries/). * Deadline. The deadline to submit your application is Sunday 14th July, 23:59:59 GMT. * Questions? Feel welcome to contact [email protected] OKCon 2013 is happy to announce that we have received a grant to support travel bursaries… Read more »

Over 250 proposals received! Thank you!

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The Call for Proposals will end in a few hours and since we’re too curious we’re already having a look at the submissions we have received. They are over 250! And of really high level, indeed. You’re fantastic, they’re a pleasure to read. Old friends, new faces, groundbreaking projects, illustrious organizations from the World Bank… Read more »

OKCon 2013 Event Update

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The OKCon 2013 conference on Open Data – Broad, Deep, Connected is being held in Geneva, Switzerland in September. OKF Events and Marketing Team Beatrice Martini and Elaine Shaughnessy have been to check out the venue and to meet up with our colleagues from OpenData.ch – Andre Golliez, Hannes Gassert and Jan Zuppinger and with… Read more »

Welcome to the OKCon 2013 Blog!

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Welcome to the OKCon 2013 Blog! Follow us to be the first to know all the news and updates about OKCon 2013! Subscribe: RSS Twitter: @OKCon Facebook: OKCon 2013 – the Open Knowledge Conference A look at CICG, the OKCon 2013 venue. Join us in Geneva, get your Early Bird ticket now!