OKCon 2013 Guest Post: Open data and increasing the impact of research? It’s a piece of cake!

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The fourth in our series of guest posts by OKCon 2013 speakers is by Duncan Edwards and originally appeared on the Impact and Learning blog. Duncan Edwards will be coordinating the Open Development and Sustainability session “The role of Open Knowledge and Data in supporting decision making in International Development” on Wednesday 18 September. I talk… Read more »

Introducing the OKCon Startup Package

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Open Knowledge and Open Data create many kinds of value in many kinds of ways. One very powerful way to create and capture that value is through startup companies, which is why we at OKCon embrace the startup community and can now offer a unique opportunity to young companies in the open data space: the… Read more »

OKCon 2013 Invited Speakers: Victoria Stodden

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We are proud and excited to introduce you to another one of our invited speakers who will join us at OKCon 2013: Victoria Stodden. Known for her research and policy work on open data and reproducible science she is currently working as an assistant professor of Statistics at Columbia University and with the Columbia University… Read more »