TOPIC 04: Technology, Tools and Business

Leveraging open data from public, research and commercial sources to build innovative applications, technologies and services businesses serving both supply and demand for open data. This series of seminars and discussions is aimed at people and organisations looking to build viable revenue streams from consulting services and technical deployments for information suppliers, or creating custom applications and services derived from open data.

Main Speakers:

Programme Advisors:

  • Hannes Gassert, Vice President,
  • Gavin Chait, Head of Services, Open Knowledge Foundation

Session 1 Technology and tools for commercially-sustainable open data platforms

Tuesday 17 September, 11.45 – 13:15 @ Main Stage Room 2, Ground Floor

Moderator:  Hannes Gassert, Vice President,


  • Open for Business – Eric Gundersen, CEO, MapBox
  • Pro tip: Getting charities to pay for open data! – Michael Lenczner, CEO, Ajah

  • Open Government Service Delivery with CKAN in Nigeria – Gavin Chait, Head of Services, Open Knowledge Foundation

Session 2 Collaborations with government, civil society and technology providers for successful open data  – Cross-disciplinary panel

Tuesday 17 September, 14:45 – 16:00 @ Room 13, Floor 2

Moderator: Irina Bolychevsky, Open Government Data and CKAN Manager, Open Knowledge Foundation

Panel members:

  • Oluseun Onigbinde, Co-Founder/Lead Director, BudgIT (remote connection)

Session 3 Code for Europe: a showcase of open source solutions to civic/city challenges – Workshop

Tuesday 17 September, 11:30 – 13:15 @ Room 6, Floor 3

Demonstrating lessons learned through the first pilot year of Code for Europe. Summit for fellowship 2013/2014 launch.

Hosts: city of Amsterdam, Economic Department

11:30 -12:15 – Showcasing what Code for Europe means in different cities and the results produces by our fellows

  • Introduction: General Frame , Goals, Setting of CfE – City of Amsterdam (11.30-11.40)
  • Quick demos of Apps (1 from each city, 6 pitches) (11.40-12.20)
  • Reflection on the first Fellowship (from Cities about the implementation, working with pitches, city challenges) Anne – Claire Frank (12.20-12.30)
  • Call for new fellows and cities (Suzanne WAAG) (12.30-12.40)
  • CCity Innovation Models through Commons (how familiar are cities with this and how can we foster the growth of civic apps through Commons) (NESTA) (12.40-12.55)
  • Make a better World through apps (Steffen Becker, Dotopen) (12.55-13.10)
  • Conclusions (13.10-13.15)

12:15 – 13:15 – Panel Discussion – Reflecting on the future of Code for Europe as an organization through Europe 

  • Launch of Code for Europe : how can we enforce this movement in Europe? – WAAG
  • City Innovation Models through Commons (how familiar are cities with this and how can we foster the growth of civic apps through Commons) With Civic Commons, Nesta, ESADE, and city representatives

Session 4 Open Technology and Research – Cross-disciplinary Short Talks Session

Wednesday 18 September, 10:30 – 11:15 @ Room 13, Floor 2

Moderator: Pieter Colpaert, University of Ghent


  • Bringing the Open Source revolution to Open Data – James Smith, Web Developer, Open Data Institute

  • dat: if git was designed for tabular data – Max Ogden, Open Web Programmer

  • Open Science – Kamila Markram, Frontiers

  • Leveraging open scientific data using R – Karthik Ram, Developer, rOpenSci

Session 5 Apps for Europe – Meetup

Wednesday 18 September, 16:00 – 17:00 @ Room 8, Floor 2

Additional Workshops and Satellite Events on Monday 16 and Thursday 19 September

In addition to the main programme we are holding a number of workshops, panel discussions, hackathons and satellite events on pre-conference and post-conference day – Monday 16 and Thursday 19 September which you are invited to join.

Session A Demo and Hack Space – Workshop

Monday 16 September, 14.00 – 17:00 + Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 September, 09:00-18:00 @ Bar Léman, Ground Floor

Facilitators: Team

Open space for demos and hacks!

Session B CKAN Workshop – how to use, extend and get involved – Workshop

Monday 16 September, 14.00 – 17:00 @ Room 20, Floor 3

Coordinators: Irina Bolychevsky and Adrià Mercader, CKAN, Open Knowledge Foundation

Session C Online Mapping: how to analyze, visualize and build apps with your geospatial data – Workshop

Monday 16 September, 17:15 – 18:15 @ Room 19, Floor 3

Coordinator: Sergio Alvarez LeivaCartoDB / Vizzuality

Session D S.I.I.T.S. Scholarly International Infrastructure Technical Summit

Thursday 19 September, 10:00 – 17:00 @ Centre Universitaire d’Informatique Université de Genève, Room 432, Floor 3

Moderators: David Flanders, University of Melbourne, David Tarrant, University of Southampton

Session E DownScale 2013 – Semantic Web Annual Workshop

Thursday 19 September, 12:00 – 17:00 @ Université de Genève, Uni Pignon campus, Room P_S06

Coordinators: Martin Murillo (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and Victor de Boer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)



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