Technology and tools for commercially-sustainable open data platforms

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Tuesday 17 September, 11.45 – 13:15 @ Main Stage Room 2, Ground Floor

Moderator:  Hannes Gassert, Vice President,


  • Open for Business

    – Eric Gundersen, CEO, MapBox

Companies are key drivers behind open source and open data. Since its inception, MapBox is betting big on open, building on libraries like node.js, creating open source software like TileMill and using public satellite data and OpenStreetMap for its global base maps. How does this make any business sense? Eric will explain how MapBox leverages open to go up against the big guys.

In the (healthcare) industry today, a marketeer’s intuition still plays a major role in assessing existing and emerging market opportunities and defining and optimizing market access strategies. Meanwhile, the amount of data available to business decision-makers has been exploding. Systematic analysis of large, open data sets – so-called Open Data – is not optional any more. In this talk, Prof. Gauthier will reveal how Open Data can be leveraged by companies to develop market access and development scenarios and efficiently deploy sales and marketing resources.

How do you make sure that data/information/knowledge are managed and made accessible to stakeholders and the interested public within a globally distributed organization despite having limited resources – money, time, people? This session aims to tell the story of how challenges can turn into opportunities through the experiences in the implementation of the global UNDP/UNEP/ GEF IW:LEARN Project and how it was able to help about 50 projects in the GEF International Waters portfolio establish their own online portals using their own limited resources to facilitate global, regional and national knowledge exchange through Open Source platform in the last 7 years.

  • Pro tip: Getting charities to pay for open data!

    – Michael Lenczner, CEO, Ajah

Michael Lenczner will share the story of Ajah, a story of how the combination of understanding a specific sector, having access to the right data, and technical expertise has allowed them to build a sustainable, and growing, business. Their SaaS is powered by several sources of federal and state spending data, public charity filings as well as proprietary data.

  • Open Government Service Delivery with CKAN in Nigeria

    – Gavin Chait, Head of Services, Open Knowledge Foundation

How a cross-organisational collaboration between the Open Knowledge Foundation, World Bank and Edo State government in Nigeria overcame infrastructure and skill constraints to deliver a low-cost open data solution for citizen engagement and service delivery observation.

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