Apps for Europe – Meetup

Wednesday 18 September, 16:00 – 17:00 @ Room 8, Floor 2

Hosts: Apps for Europe

The Apps for Europe project is helping turn data into business by connecting app competition organisers, investors and software developers. Experts in the project have developed the Business Lounge format that attracts the world of investors to open data competitions, hackathons and events. At a Business Lounge event, teams of app developers are being interviewed, ‘speed dated’ and filmed as they compete for the interests of investors, judges and organisations. Winners of Business Lounge events will go to Manchester in 2014 for the Future Everything event where they will be presenting their open data application alongside other app contest winners from across Europe in a ‘Pitch and Prize’ event.
Come to the OKCon Apps for Europe meetup and find out how you can help turn open data into business!

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