Open Knowledge and Open Data create many kinds of value in many kinds of ways. One very powerful way to create and capture that value is through startup companies, which is why we at OKCon embrace the startup community and can now offer a unique opportunity to young companies in the open data space: the Open Knowledge Conference Startup Package!

The package includes a table in OKCon’s exhibition space, a large name banner, three tickets, a mention on – huge opportunities for great conversations and good business, all for a €400 flat fee. Get in touch now to secure your slot, space is limited!

The first two startups who booked their Startup Package are ScraperWiki and from near Zurich aims to make a huge amounts of facts available to web and mobile apps with sub-second response times. They develop an elegant and expressive single unified query interface for large volumes of open data and take care of all data management, freeing developers to focus on integrating data into their applications, saving huge amounts of time. Check them out at!

ScraperWiki helps you do data science on the web. The silicon-valley style startup from Liverpool, UK, provides a web-based tool set to get, clean, analyze, visualize and manage data, with a special focus on all the “messy” data out there waiting to be structured and thus freed! The recently re-launched Scraperwiki integrates seamlessly with CKAN, the data publishing platform powering many of the world major open government data initiatives – try it out now!

Your startup is in the open data business as well? Then do hurry, get in touch and secure your startup space at OKCon right away! And think about using this opportunity to launch a product, release an awesome new feature or other breaking news: do it at OKCon and people that should know will, we’ll help!

Plus: there are still some very interesting sponsoring opportunities, especially for tech-oriented businesses, that will multiply your brand’s reach again. Presenting Partner of the Technology Track sounds good, for example? Then make sure to talk to us. We’re open for business.

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  1. Anton O

    Hi could you update with the links to quantinium and the other startups somewhere? I cant find them anywhere.