The OKCon 2013 conference on Open Data – Broad, Deep, Connected is being held in Geneva, Switzerland in September. OKF Events and Marketing Team Beatrice Martini and Elaine Shaughnessy have been to check out the venue and to meet up with our colleagues from – Andre Golliez, Hannes Gassert and Jan Zuppinger and with Sylvie Reinhard and Magaly Mathys from Lift Events.

The venue is at the CICG Conference Centre and is a great space for listening to our keynote speakers and engaging with the programme and for community workshops, exhibitions and events. Participants will have an area where they can give a ‘stand up/pop up show’ to talk about their own projects and ideas.  There will also be challenges and competitions and a preview of the Urban Data Challenge exhibition, a 3-city transportation data challenge between the cities of Geneva, Zurich and San Francisco.

GCIG Conference Centre, Geneva

We had discussions on the programme and were really excited that there were already over 200 great responses to the Call for Proposals.  They were so good that the deadline was extended until tonight (at 23:59 BST)! Also exciting is that the keynote speakers are confirming their attendance – so keep your eyes on the blog as Jan will be posting some speaker profiles next week.

We thank the Swiss team for their hospitality and for helping us check out Geneva’s attractions including a very charming jazz bar and an evening apero sitting in the sun alongside the river Rhone.


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