Accommodation at OKCon – only 30 euros a night, going once…going twice…

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We have some great news for you all! Thanks to a little stretching of our [Accommodation Subsidies programme]( we can now offer limited beds for OKCon at just 30 euros per night. In a city like Geneva, this is truly a bargain price! If you haven’t yet booked your accommodation, or you were just looking… Read more »

Join the Open Education Working Group and Panel!

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This post is by Marieke Guy, LinkedUp Project Community Coordinator. Marieke will be at OKCon organizing the Open Education session “The facets of open education: resources, data and culture and the presentations from competitors in the LinkedUp Project Veni Competition. Join her and the LinkedUp team on Tuesday 17 September 11:45 – 13:15 @ Room 13, Floor 2.  … Read more »

Join the OKCon HackSpace!

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At a house party, the kitchen almost always is the place to be – that’s where all the good stuff is coming from, the source where things start, the place where things happen! At the Open Knowledge Conference that’s the HackSpace: the place where things get done, and it’s right behind the bar! The OKCon… Read more »