From Open Data to Open Science: Policy, Literacy and Citizen Engagement

– Talks

Tuesday 17 September, 14.45 – 16:00 @ Main Stage Room 2

Moderator: Francois GreyCitizen Cyberscience CentreUniversity of Geneva


  • Why Science is an Open Endeavor

    –  Victoria Stodden, Professor of Statistics, Columbia University

  • Open Health – The Citizen’s Revolution

    –  Ernst Hafen, CSO, healthbank / ETH Zurich

For the future of health and medicine to become personalized, preventive and predictive is also needs to become participatory. The need for millions of health data sets requires the active participation of healthy individuals and patients. This will be promoted by empowering individuals by giving them control over their health data (medical, omics, mHealth etc). In healthbank, a Swiss health databank, citizens from all over the world can securely store, manage, and contribute anonymized selected health data for research. Since healthbank is organized as a cooperative, members not only control their data, they are also owners of healthbank and share its profits.

Despite the influx of tools and policies under development to advance the broader goal of open science, we’re still facing a critical gap in our education system. The newly launched Mozilla Science Lab, an open science project supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, is looking to help close that gap in skills development so that making research more efficient isn’t only accessible to the chosen elite. This talk will look at some of the broader issues surrounding disrupting the current educational system, and explore what “digital literacy” looks like for science, so we can better arm the next generation of researchers (as well as the PIs and advisors) with the skills to truly enact change.

As a small organization with a global ambition, reach, and footprint, CC is only as strong as its community.
CC can’t be everywhere, and that is where its community steps in, using CC licenses, promoting the values underlying those licenses, and championing openness.
In keeping with CC’s vision of “realizing the full potential of the Internet — universal access to research and education, full participation in culture — to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity”, one of the core strategic objectives of CC Science is to “Grow the Community.”
CC Science Affiliates Network aims to strengthen CC’s science outreach by: including local and regional scientific voices in the global conversation on open science; making CC more responsive to scientific concerns worldwide; and providing scientists who are friendly toward open science and access the full power of a global community. We will introduce the CC Science Affiliates Network, highlight synergies between it and OKFN’s outreach programs such as the OKFN Ambassadors program, and invite participation from the OKFN community.


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