Tuesday 17 September, 17:00 – 18:00 @ Main Stage, Room 2

Panel – Open Data Standards


  • Ton Zijlstra, Independent Consultant on Change, Complexity, Knowledge Work, Learning

Panel members:

  • Timothy Vollmer, Manager of Policy and Data, Creative Commons

  • Andrew Stott, UK Transparency Board / data.gov.uk / former UK Government Director of Transparency & Digital Engagement

  • Monica Palmirani, Associate Professor of Legal Informatics, University of Bologna

  • Tomoaki Watanabe, Executive Research Fellow, GLOCOM / Co-Founder at Open Knowledge Foundation Japan, CCJP

In the open data community the importance of having data standards has become an important topic of discussion. From transportation and spending users are asking for open data to be released that can be allow the data to be easily reusable in applications and tools across jurisdictions. One example of such a project is Popolo, which seeks to provide a set of “international open government data specifications relating to the legislative branch of government”.

The panel will develop from considerations about why we need standards for data, what are the good examples of agreed data standards in the open data field and will then dive into more specific case studies shared by our speakers.


Talk – Is open data truly opening government?– Sarah Schacht, transparency technology advisor and author

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