Open Finance and OpenSpending

– Workshop

Wednesday 18 September, 14:45 – 16:00 @ Room 7, Floor 2

Moderator: Pierre Chrzanowski, Open Knowledge Foundation France


  • CERN Institutional Data – collecting, opening, visualizing spending data

    – Jiri Kuncar, CERN

For the project public spending data from seven local and national governments of total value around 1,5 trillion euros, are processed, cleansed and converted to LOD, following best practices and directives. Namely, the cases of Greece, the UK, the US federal government, Australia, the city of Chicago and the states of Alaska and Massachusetts are considered. Furthermore, the resulting Linked Data are interlinked with external resources (e.g. dbpedia) and made accessible through a public SPARQL endpoint and a website to make the data mashups understandable and easily consumable.

  • Open Finance in Switzerland: Examples of open budget apps and our plans for the future

    – Matthias Stürmer, University of Bern /

Today’s public agencies are financed through highly complex laws and agreements between various governmental bodies. Transparency that normal humans understand is difficult to achieve. Visualizations by state of the art open spending applications provide a step towards a solution to this challenge. Swiss open data developers have created several new apps that show city and cantonal budgets, spendings, and saving plans. The presentation shows successful examples, challenges, and plans for the future.

  • Using open budget data to create meaningful stories (BudgetStories) –

    Victoria Vlad, Economist, EXPERT-GRUP

  • Collecting and Analyzing Local Government Financial Disclosures

    – Marc Joffe, Principal Consultant, Public Sector Credit Solutions

Thousands of national, subnational and local governments publish financial reports. These disclosures are not standardized and are usually provided as PDFs – making it difficult to compare government financial performance. In California we are using a mixture of technology and human data entry to overcome these limitations. Marc will discuss the techniques his team is using and some ideas for how the open data community can pull together a global set of timely public sector fiscal data.

  • Freeing, Speaking and Visualising Financial Transaction data

    – Ismail Chaib, TESOBE

Open Bank Project is an Open Source API for banks that allows account holders to open up their transaction data to wider groups of people and software applications. Especially relevant in the context of greater interest in corporate tax affairs, the Open Bank Project’s sliding scale of financial transparency allows organisations to share different levels of detail with different stakeholders be they the public, auditors or shareholders. The Social Finance application from the Open Bank Project allows account holders (e.g. NGOs, government funded projects) and guests (e.g. donors, public) to enrich both open and privileged transaction data with comments, images and Geo tags thus enabling a rich online dialogue to take place around transaction data. The Speaking Bank for the visually impaired uses voice recognition and speech to text technology to speak financial data.”


The workshop space can accommodate up to 30 people. To sign-up, express your interest in the topic and get in touch with the coordinator please write to [email protected].

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