Build a Better Transparency Technology Project: Lessons from the Transparency and Accountability Initiative mentors  – Panel

Wednesday 18 September, 11:45 – 13:15 @ Room 7, Floor 2

Moderator: Sarah Schacht, transparency technology advisor and author

Panel members:

A handful of experts were picked from around the globe by Transparency & Accountability Initiative to help civil society organizations successfully design and launch new technology projects. Diverse organizations from four continents were mentored, and in the process, the mentors discovered common challenges and solutions for implementing transparency projects. Learn how to avoid common roadblocks and organizational challenges (within your group or your government) and leave with a set of strategies for successful projects.

The TAI mentors have advised and worked with 10 civil society organizations with wide-ranging projects, over the last five months. By September, they’ll have case studies from each of the client organizations and sharp insights on common challenges faced and what worked to get around those challenges. As a mentor cohort, we’ve realized that whatever a civil society project is trying to open—from makeup safety data on an app, to reporting HIV medication outages in rural East Africa, to providing intuitive interfaces for parsing budget data, the lessons from TAI mentor’s experience can be applied by those seeking to launch new transparency or open data projects.


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