Building a Cultural Commons

Wednesday 18 September, 11:45  – 13:00 @ Main Stage Room 2

Moderator: Merete Sanderhoff, Statens Museum for Kunst Copenhagen


Jill Cousins, Executive Director of the Europeana Foundation, talks on the challenges of creating and implementing a European Cultural Commons and the issues faced by content holders and content users.

  • Small museum collections and open data

    – Nicole Beale, Web Science and Archaeology, University of Southampton

It seems that each month another large heritage institution releases an open dataset. The British Museum and the Rijksmuseum provide excellent examples of the benefits of sharing collections data. But what of those smaller, locally focused organisations? These social history collections, often managed by volunteers, have much to offer, but how can the under staffed, under resourced teams really engage with the open data community? This talk will suggest ways forward for small heritage organisations.

  • Open Culture at the Heart of the University:  Libraries as Cultural Commons and Cafe

    – Anna Gold, California Polytechnic University

The university library can be reconceptualized as a powerful engine for open culture. A generative and regenerative center that naturally brings disciplines, cultures, and generations together, the university library can expand its role in open culture far beyond sharing institutionally-produced research and data through open repositories. Drawing on the experience of a public polytechnic university, this paper documents the emergence of a university library as a system of open culture programs and as a place where a speeding culture can stop to dialogue, think, and create: generating collective interactive learning; fostering collaboration with open data; cultivating open conversations and learning communities; integrating open education into courses and informal learning; and furthering peer-to-peer learning. The paper will also share organizational learning about processes that invite community engagement, and methods for documenting the influence of a cultural commons on organizational culture.

  • Feedback session from Monday OpenGLAM Switzerland Workshop

This talk will cover the state of the emerging OpenGLAM community in Switzerland. It will look at the challenges ahead and what can be learned from the OpenGLAM initiatives in the UK, Netherlands, US and Germany.

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