Chris Taggart, co-founder and CEO of OpenCorporates will be speaking in the session From Government to Governance as part of the Open Data, Government and Governance programme at OKCon on Tuesday 17 September.

For most of his career, Chris Taggart worked as a magazine journalist, editor and publisher, including working on The Face and Arena. After selling his company, Chris developed OpenlyLocal to make local public data in the UK open and accessible.  He then developed OpenCharities to match charities and their registration numbers to the council spending data published on OpenlyLocal.

In 2010, Chris Taggart and Rob McKinnon created the website OpenCorporates.  Since its launch, OpenCorporates has grown to be the largest openly licensed database of companies in the world, working with governments and international bodies such as the World Bank to increase the quality and openness of company data worldwide. It is used by journalists and anti-corruption investigators as well as by the banks and the financial community.

Chris Taggart also advises governments on transparency and open data, was the originator of the Open Election Data Project.

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