Learn How to Run Your Own Data Expedition – Workshop

Thursday 19 September, 9:00-12:00 @ University of Geneva / Pignon, Room P_S03

Co-organizers: Milena MarinSchool of Data, Open Knowledge Foundation, Juan Casanueva, SocialTIC


Data expeditions are quests into the unmapped territories of data. They bring together people from different backgrounds and show them how to playfully explore their way through a full-scale data investigation. Teams of data explorers help each other learn how to find data, overcome obstacles in using it, and communicate it strategically.

Are you intrigued? Do you have an exciting dataset and want to team up with other data enthusiasts to uncover its hidden stories? Then you are the right person for this session! We will walk you through the recipe for the data expedition and show you how to organize one for your local community.


The workshop space can accommodate up to 20 people. To sign-up, express your interest in the topic and get in touch with the coordinators please write to
[email protected]


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