Visualizing Information for Advocacy – Pre-release Event

Tuesday 17 September, 16:00 – 17:00 @ Room 7, Floor 2

Authors and hosts: Tactical Tech Collective
Visualising Information for Advocacy is a book that analyses the techniques of visual persuasion and the interlinked roles of information, technology, design and networks.

Whether we’re swamped by it or starved of it, the value of information depends on its quality, and its usefulness depends on our ability to communicate it successfully. As activists and advocates, we can’t sit and wait for people to wade through sixty-page reports, nor can we rely on slogans, unsupported assertions and pleas. To influence people we must make strong arguments and communicate them using strong evidence. Well timed, rigorous and well-presented information is the greatest asset activists possess.

After two years of workshops on visualisation, interviews with designers, technologists, campaigners and advocates and analyzing visual campaigns, Tactical Technology Collective is happy to introduce our new guide, Visualising Information for Advocacy. The book features over 60 inspiring case studies from around the world and provides a framework for understanding how the visual creates influence in advocacy.

Find out more about our new publication and order your own copy of the book now.

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