From Code to Sense: Bringing the Law to the Public

– Law Mining Hackathon

Monday 16 September, 10.00 – 17:00 @ CICG, Room 8, Floor 2
Thursday 19 September, 10:00 – 17:00 @ Centre Universitaire d’Informatique Université de Genève, Open Innovation Lounge, Ground Floor

Facilitators: Oleg Lavrovsky, Christian Laux, Laux Lawyers and Jean-Henry Morin, University of Geneva

Legal information is relevant to all of us. “Ignorantia juris non excusat”, ignorance of the law does not excuse, even if we do not know about a law, it still applies. But laws are lengthy and sometimes complex. Means to increase the efficiency of reading a legal text are cruelly lacking. This is to increase the likelihood the meaning of the code will be understood (or at least outlined), to increase the speed of understanding and analyzing the code as well as to increase the speed of informing others of the code (e.g. a lawyer advising a client).

This hackathon will focus on all sorts of open legal texts, such as statutes (as made available by governments), agreements (as made available by authorities, private entities or service terms and conditions -SLAs), as well as case law (as made available by courts).

The objective of the hackathon is to find methods for reducing the complexity of understanding legal texts, investigate open source methods to visualize legal texts based on established classifications, using open knowledge to work with legal code as well as to determine the most helpful approaches to classify legal texts. And, hopefully, to find new ways of bridging the huge gap between legal code and people.

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The workshop space can accommodate up to 20 people. To sign-up, express your interest in the topic and get in touch with the coordinators please write to [email protected].


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