Raising the bar for ambition and quality in OGP: workshop to develop a ‘Civil Society National OGP Review’ – Workshop

Tuesday 17 September, 14:45 – 16:00 @ Room 5, Floor 3


  • Daniel Dietrich, Chairman and Project manager, Open Knowledge Foundation Germany
  • Anders PedersenOpenSpending Community Coordinator and Christian Villum, Open Government Data Community manager, from the Open Knowledge Foundation


The last couple of months have seen a lot of discussion within the OGP community about the (lack of) ambition and quality within OGP national processes and about the eligibility threshold. A number of initiatives are being taken by OGP trying to address the issue, including additional guidance by OGP and extended and real-time monitoring by the IRM. What can civil society do to stimulate quality and ambition in the spirit of partnership?

This workshop introduces the idea of a ‘Civil Society National OGP Review’. The concept is simple: can we create a simple, reliable and transparent review methodology to be used by civil society in OGP member countries to assess both the quality and the ambition of both the consultation process and the resulting action plan. Can we build on an open data approach and visualize the results? Participants will reflect and refine the idea and then collectively develop and discuss a limited set of indicators for each of the quadrants.

The resulting draft methodology will be discussed at the OGP Civil Society Day on October 30, preceding the OGP Summit. A final draft methodology will be tested in a handful of countries early next year.

The workshop space can accommodate up to 45 people. To sign-up, express your interest in the topic and get in touch with the coordinators please write to [email protected].


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